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Thank you for choosing Vogue Automotive, a family-run business you can trust since 2017.

Vogue Automotive specialises in supplying and high quality aftermarket styling and performance products. Our products are developed to a high standard using the most modern technologies available such as wet laying, vacuum infusion, vacuum transfusion, and pre-preg reinforcement with autoclave. All molds are made using CNC milling machines. Products are hand-made to the highest quality however minor inconsistencies might still be present due to complexity of a product and we would like to take this opportunity to address these in detail.


Carbon fibre is produced by thousands of threads sewed together in various patterns and directions. The patterns can be diagonal (2×2 3K twill weave), or straight (1×1 3K plain weave) for different visual and strength performances. Raw carbon fibre materials are supplied in huge rolls and often there are minor pattern imperfections which may occur during weaving process.


In most cases we lay the carbon fabric according to the best performance direction, and the reason for doing this is to provide the focus on overall rigidity rather than a visual aesthetics. However various shapes and edges on some products mean that the carbon fabric needs to be stretched to follow the curve resulting in a change in patterns. This visual imperfection is not considered a manufacturing defect but natural characteristics of hand-made products.


In some cases a black glue or a black line might be noticeable in between edges of a product (e.g. spoiler). It is usually a result of the bonding of two combined products used to form the skeleton, as well as to reinforce the strength of a product. The black line is a joint line of a product made from two pieces which is bonded together, and an overlapped method is used to avoid wind trap.


It is advisable that all composite products should be handled and installed by qualified technicians. Always wear protective clothes and use suitable tools. If you may require any additional information please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Please be aware that aftermarket products require professionals to fit and in some cases modifications or removal of certain car body parts may be required. The way some carbon fibre products are made means that the aftermarket product could become thicker or more ‘curved’ than the original part. In order to install some products may require to remove the bumper or some additional modification such as trimming to achieve best results.


Carbon fibre by nature is a strong product, however the resin and gel coating and other chemicals used in the manufacturing process could react with heat and rays. We do not recommend using chemical based washing detergents to clean these products to avoid unwanted reactions.


We take every care in bringing you the best quality products and we pride ourselves on our industry leading customer services.

We examine all orders prior to dispatching to the customers and we try to test everything we sell before offering them to the end users whenever possible.

We strongly advise you to check all contents when the package is delivered to make sure no damage has occurred during transportation and report any problems to us within 7 days. This will allow us to raise a claim with the shipping company as they have a time limit for reporting any shipping damages. Failing to inform us about this might result in your claims being declined.

In rare cases, if you find that a product has been damaged in transit or a fitment issue, please contact us by email [email protected] and we will resolve your query in quickest manner possible. When contacting us please provide as much information as possible and including any supporting photos if available.

Our warranty on exterior products covers fitment issues only.


We do not cover return shipping charges unless a product is faulty.

Damage caused to a product during installation or from use of parts not supplied by us.

Damage and changes in appearances caused by external forces and elements.

We reserve the rights to change the warranty conditions without prior notice.